Virginia Eskin, pianist
Fluffy Ruffle Girls

Fluffy Ruffle Girls

Women in Ragtime
Virginia Eskin, Piano


"...an irresistible CD by pianist Virginia Eskin ... Eskin captures all the insouciant charm of the country's first great popular music, and firmly observes Joplin's admonition that it is never right to play ragtime fast. Just well."

-Time Magazine


When Virginia Eskin turned her lively classical skills to a collection of little-known rags by women (Northeastern's Fluffy Ruffle Girls, NOR CD 9003), the critics raved.

Virginia Eskin's ragtime playing (in Fluffy Ruffle Girls) was called "irrestible" by Time Magazine. She brings an uncommon measure of vivacity and spirit to these timeless melodies. Ragtime appeals to music lovers of all ages and fans of all genres.


Is Virginia Eskin--who plays with style and sensitivity--trying to make a point with this music about the neglect of women's artistic efforts? Well, she does that, along with providing an anthology that will stick in your memory for its collective impact more than for any single piece --- except, perhaps, for the two contemporary rags by Judith Lang Zaimont, who combines classic style with more contemporary harmonies to extremely good effect.

Leslie Gerber

"Virginia Eskin's technique is impeccable -- finger work is both facile and strong -- and she displays a wonderful affinity for ragtime."

American Record Guide



Twenty-three Rags!

  • Fluffy Ruffle Girls Rag
  • Novelty Rag
  • A Totally Different Rag
  • Possum Rag
  • The Richmond Rag
  • Horseshoe Rag
  • Eatin' Time
  • Reflective Rag
  • That Poker Rag
  • Sleepy Lou
  • The Thriller!
  • Dusty Rag
  • Red Rambler Rag
  • Black Feather Two-Step
  • Red Peppers
  • Buzzer Rag
  • Piffle Rag
  • Hoosier Rag
  • Dish Rag
  • Judy's Rag
  • Chicken Chowder
  • That Tired Rag
  • Pickles and Peppers