Virginia Eskin, pianist

American BeautiesAmerican Beauties

The Rags of Joseph Lamb
Virginia Eskin, Piano


The Long-Awaited Follow-Up to Fluffy Ruffle Girls . . . Virginia Eskin Plays Joseph Lamb

"I used to have a theory that the rags written by women were superior to those of men, until I strolled into Joe Lamb. His rags are a lacy, laden with arching melodies, and finger-leasing as any the ladies wrote. There is a nostalgic turn of phrase in everything he touched, which has made his works very popular among pianist."

Virginia Eskin


When Virginia Eskin turned her lively classical skills to a collection of little-known rags by women (Northeastern's Fluffy Ruffle Girls, NOR CD 9003), the critics raved. Now she returns with a delightful collection of tunes, both widely-known and rare, by ragtime great Joseph Lamb.

Joe Lamb (1887-1960) published many rags early in this century, then mostly abandoned commercial music until his rediscovery in the 1950's. But even during this hiatus he kept composing in his unique, almost-classical style. Today Lamb is considered one of the three most important composers of ragtime, along with Scott Joplin and James Scott.

This collection of twenty Lamb masterpieces spans his entire career -- from the unpublished "Walper House Rag" (1903) to rags only published posthumously, such as "Cottontail Rag" and "Ragtime Bobolink" -- and is essential for any ragtime fan.

Virginia Eskin's ragtime playing (in Fluffy Ruffle Girls) was called "irrestible" by Time Magazine. She brings an uncommon measure of vivacity and spirit to these timeless melodies. Ragtime appeals to music lovers of all ages and fans of all genres. American Beauties is a disc that will become a treaured addition to everyone's collection.



Twenty Delightful Rags!

  • Walper House Rag 
  • The Alaskan Rag
  • Ragtime Reverie
  • Brown Derby No. 2
  • Alabama Rag
  • Arctic Sunset
  • Bird-Brain Rag
  • Cottontail Rag 
  • Hot Cinders 
  • Ragtime Bobolink
  • The Old Home Rag
  • Firefly Rag
  • Thoroughbred Rag
  • Toad Stool Rag
  • Sensation
  • Ethiopia
  • Excelsior
  • American Beauty Rag
  • Patricia Rag
  • Nightingale Rag