Virginia Eskin, pianist

Marion BauerMarion Bauer

Virginia Eskin, Piano
Deborah Boldin, Flute
Irinia Muresanu, Violin

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I am living a full rich life and am so deeply grateful for the opportunity for having this study and life to myself. Of course, the days are not long enough to do all I want to do.

Marion Bauer (Paris, 1923)


Marion Bauer

The acceptance of American music and music by women as legitimate topics of scholarly interest at the beginning of the new millennium has made possible the recent recovery of neglected musical figures such as Bauer. Over the past few decades, Bauer's compositions have fortunately received renewed attention from scholars and performers. Still, much research still remains to be done on Bauer: numerous compositions remain in manuscript, no biography currently exists of her, and only a handful of analytical studies of her music has been published. The collection of Marion Bauer Papers at New York University contains manuscripts of four proposed books -- Titans of Music, Modern Creators of Music, Some Social Aspects of Music, and Who Was Monteverdi? -- as well as several unpublished papers, all of which might provide grist for future research projects. Spanning nearly three decades of Bauer's compositional career, this disc is a crucial step towards recording Bauer's entire oeuvre. The graceful and sensitive performances here by Virginia Eskin, Deborah Boldin, and Irinia Muresanu will spur further interest in an intriguing and gifted Amercian composer whose musical reputation deserves to come to a fully flowering nearly fifty years after her death.

Ellie M. Hisama, Columbia University



Prelude and Fugue for Flute and Piano, Op. 43

Six Preludes, Op. 15

     Prelude No. 1
     Prelude No. 3


Fantasia Quasi Una Sonata for Violin and Piano, Op. 18

Aquarelle, Op. 39, No. 1

A Fancy, Op. 21, No. 1 

Dance Sonata for Solo Piano, Op. 24